Background Articles & Videos

Information about the Current Attacks on Our Public Postal System

CCPA’s Roundup of Commentary on the Canada Post Cuts

The Battle at Canada Post and The Future of Our Public Services

Cuts at Canada Post – What do they mean?

Act now to Save Canada Post!

Four reasons why defending the postal workers must be labour’s top priority

Canada Post is not on life support, it is being murdered

Canada Post’s sales pitch tailored to justify cuts

Why Canada Post should be expanding services

Postal Workers Will Work With Allies to Defend Door-to-Door Delivery

Canada Post and Conference Board Myths Debunked

Canada Post’s Deepak Chopra says seniors want exercise from picking up mail

Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra is a board member of the think-tank that urged mail changes

En français – Information à propos des attaques récentes visant notre système des postes publique

Diminution du service postal et hausse des tarifs, l’ensemble de la population est perdante

Des services bancaires pour stabiliser les revenus de Postes Canada

Matériaux de campagne du Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes

Entrevue avec Alain Duguay, président de la section locale de Montréal et Yannick Gagnon, facteur depuis 9 ans

Les travailleuses et travailleurs des postes et leurs alliés défendront la livraison à domicile

Déboulonnons les mythes sur Postes Canada et le Conference Board

Postes Canada : des aînés veulent faire plus d’exercice, selon le PDG

From the 2011 Rotating Strike and Lockout

 5 Reasons to Support Postal Workers

Why We All Must Support Postal Workers

Postal Strikes and Myths Part 1

Why Striking Postal Workers Deserve Our Support

What’s at Stake at Canada Post

Canada Post Workers’ Future is Ours Too

CUPW Strike Vote Video

Canada Post Considers CUPW’s Offer

CUPW/ Canada Post Labour Dispute in Context – Philip Jennings, UNI Global

Postal Workers Fight Forced Overtime


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