Campaigning To Stop The Cuts At Canada Post

save_SPW_colour copyWe have recently updated a couple of features on this website. We have developed two new pamphlets and a number of new posters that we hope can be useful tools for the fight against the cuts at Canada Post. These can all be found on our materials page.

The pamphlets are designed for a door-to-door campaign. One pamphlet lays out the basic situation at Canada Post and how you can get involved. The other pamphlet deals with the facts and myths about Canada Post. This pamphlet will help organizers confront widely held inaccuracies about Canada Post in a clear and direct manner.

We are still developing a basic campaign tool kit which involves a campaign guide and a door knocking script.

We have also added a community organizing contact form. We hope to connect you with others in your community who are interested in organizing.

We hope to also add new materials in the near future. We believe that a cross country organizing effort can reverse the cuts at Canada Post, people simply don’t want to pay more for less service.





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