BACKGROUND: Sometime after May 25th 45,000 Postal Workers across Canada may either be on strike or locked out from their workplace by their employer, Canada Post Corporation (CPC). Since January 31 of this year postal workers have been working without a contract. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and CPC have been in bargaining since October of last year but have failed to come to an agreement on several issues.

Canada Post Corporation wants to:
• Pay new employees 30% less and give them reduced benefits; an inferior pension and weaker job security
• Increase the amount of temporary employees and reduce the number of full-time employees
• Dramatically increase the amount that retirees have to pay for their extended health care plan
• Replace the sick leave plan with a complicated and inferior short-term disability plan
• Force letter carriers to adopt a new, unsafe delivery procedure involving longer routes and the carrying of double bundles
Canada Post Corporation is a crown corporation. It has been profitable for the last 16 years. In its last reported year, 2009, CPC declared a net profit of $281 million. Instead of sharing some of those profits with postal workers, the CPC decided to purchase
2 billion dollars worth of machinery in an effort to “modernize” the postal system by reducing the work force, attacking the benefits and working conditions of the postal workers.

Postal workers want the CPC to make a modern post that works for the workers and the communities they serve. Instead the CPC and the Harper government hope to create precarious working conditions, ignore workers’ voices, cutback services and increase profits with the eventual aim of privatizing our postal service.
When the CPC attacks postal workers they are attacking people who live and work in our communities. This is an assault on all of us. The CPC, with the blessing of the Harper government, is looking to profit off the backs of working people. This assault is part of the broader Harper agenda of creating corporate profits at our expense.

The struggle of the postal workers is part of the struggle for social
justice and against the regressive Harper government. Together, postal workers and community allies can beat back this assault on our postal workers and our communities.


• Educate yourself on the issues and stay informed about the struggle
• Talk to your friends, neighbours, family, coworkers, community groups, church groups etc. about the issues
• Put up signs of support in your window
• Go down to the picket lines (on Almond Street), with food or signs of support
• Write letters to the editor in your local newspaper
• Call your local radio station
• Organize fun and creative actions that raise awareness about the issues

An injury to ONE is an injury to ALL!


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